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Investment Opportunities

Partnering with us is a smart financial choice.

Take control of your financial future by partnering with a company that will benefit both you and your local community.

  • Looking for a stable and secure investment with a fixed return every year?
  • Looking for a locally owned company with roots in the Inland Northwest?
  • Looking for real estate experts?
  • Looking for a business that values honesty and integrity?

Your investment with Grit & Timber will deliver results. We provide an opportunity to grow or maintain your wealth.

Grow Your Wealth

Outperform your 401K! Some of our investors have diversified their portfolio by shifting part of their 401K into a self-directed IRA. Over a few years, their IRA often surpasses their 401K.

Maintain Your Wealth

Already have a sizeable 401K? If you are retired or have been working for a company many years, a 12% fixed return investment with Grit & Timber for 6 years could literally double your investment.

The return on your investment will vary based on factors such as the amount and length of your investment, as well as whether you choose secured or non-secured investments.
CLIENT Feedback

"As great as working with Grit & Timber started, it ended up even better. They offer a solid return and  I'm all about investing into local business owners and neighborhoods."

- David  C.

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