Solid foundations. Solid homes. Solid people.

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Grit & Timber who?

May 12


Grit and Timber began when three brothers decided to flip homes. From what started as a small side job, it has since transformed itself into a company that has revitalized and added value to many homes in the Spokane area. Through our constant resurrection of old 1920’s craftsman homes we have seen that our customers would rather put their own love and passion into refurbishing their new home. Once new homeowners have moved into their new house, they noticed that they would have done certain things differently. With the recent popularity of Pinterest and Houzz, homeowners have gained their own unique perspectives on what they would like their future home to resemble. Grit and Timber does not want to interfere with this creativity. We embrace this aim towards personalized craftsman homes, apart from cookie cutter development homes.  This new vision has transformed our company from one that flipped homes, into one that only sells distressed property.

We do what we do because we enjoy being part of the community. By refurbishing old homes we preserve Spokane, its history, and our community. Millwood and Perry District and many other older communities hold great memories within the walls of its homes. Instead of new construction, Grit and Timber promotes preservation. So when Grit and Timber restores your neighboring house, we aren’t just returning an awesome home to your community, we are also adding and awesome neighbor.




Grit and Timber

Solid Foundations. Solid Homes. Solid People.