GRIT: resolution,
fortitude, courage

Timber: raw wood suitable
for building

Grit & Timber connects solid people with solid homes. We increase the value and improve the safety of homes, neighborhoods, and communities.

Our partners transform open spaces into beautiful building sites and custom homes. Then we connect the homes with new owners. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate and contracting industries enable us to provide this valuable service to the Inland Northwest.

Often, abandoned land/property is often unmaintained or occupied, creating unsafe and unstable environments. Investors partner with us to improve the value of homes and neighborhoods, increasing the safety and stability of the neighborhood.

Max Shiva


  • Works with investors who partner with Grit & Timber
  • Possesses natural talent for finding land with potential
  • Spokane-raised and deeply invested in the Inland Northwest community
  • Licensed professional Contractor
  • Land Development Professional

Eli Shiva


  • Works with investors who partner with Grit & Timber
  • Oversees Financing/Accounting
  • Has a BA degree in business administration and professional accounting

Phillip Avdeyev

Property Supervisor

  • Works with partners and contractors
  • Monitors and ensures safety at property sites
  • Oversees employees on job sites

Lisa Polikoff

Administrative Assistant

  • Works with Grit & Timber employees to ensure a smooth operation and hassle-free process
  • Facilitates office communication
  • Manages office documentation
Grit & Timber